• Image of Be Yourself - CD

‘As close to a perfect, summer afternoon, sitting in a hammock with an ice cold beer CD as you are probably going to find. Beg, borrow or steal a copy and then dig the hammock out and wait for the sun to return. Bliss.’ – © Jon Webster

“My God, this is a great record. Imagine the Fun Lovin’ Criminals bumping into Tom Waits in an obscure jazz bar somewhere in Mexico and you’re still not close to doing justice to Be Yourself, an album which bucks the zietgiest with so much enthusiasm you just have to love it.” ~ Barney Jameson (Playmusic UK)

1. My Friend Jim, 2. Upside Down, 3. Life Story, 4. It Don’t Get Much Better Than This, 5. Bob & God, 6. True Friends, 7. Mr. Clean, 8. Anyway The Wind Blows, 9. Daddy Was A Devil, 10. Let It Roll, 11. Be Yourself